Box Build

Many of our customers are manufacturers that require a contract manufacturer for not only their Printed Circuit Board Assembly needs, but for the final assembly of their innovative products.

Box-Build Assembly refers to the complete assembly of a customerís finished product. Assembly of boxes typically includes drilling for conduit fittings, assembly and mounting of terminal blocks, fuses and printed-circuit boards, and termination and installation of connectors for internal wiring systems.

Finepitch can be very helpful in the initial design phase of box-build projects by working closely with customers to determine design interconnect layout and component selection.

From terminations to installing circuit boards and the required components, to putting together the housing, Finepitch is capable of assembling the entire box.

This large control box assembly consists of multiple components including switches, terminal blocks, solenoids, indicator lights, and well over 300 individual wire terminations. Finepitch installs all components and inspects the units prior to shipment.