Finepitch Services include:
  • Surface mount and through-hole assembly
  • Leaded and lead-free (RoHS compliant) process
  • SMT-Ultrafine pitch, BGA and BGA with x-ray inspection
  • Chassis, mechanical, and final product assembly
  • Cable assembly and test services
  • PCB manufacturing
  • System wiring
  • Conformal coating
  • BGA and BGA rework
  • Prototype and production

We offer above services in two different ways:
1. Consignment Assembly
Customer to supply all bare PCBs and components. We recommend that you send extra parts due to possible attrition during the pcb assembly process. ALL unused parts will be promptly returned to you.
Passive Devices: 10% Extra, 50% Extra for 0402's
Active Devices: 5% Extra
High Cost Devices: 1 Extra per order - if possible
2. Full/Partial Turnkey Assembly
We will supply all/partial components and Bare PCB. Eliminate the hassles of coordinating multiple vendors, pieces and parts. Place one purchase order and be done. Youll get clean, accurate printed circuit board assemblies on-time with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.