PCB Assembly

PCB assembly is offered in SMT, BGA, uBGA, Through hole and Surface mount at Finepitch. We use state of the art surface mount and through hole equipment including sophisticated BGA rework and X-Ray equipment, Finepitch can provide single sided PCB assembly to complex double sided PCB assembly, consisting of variety of SMT packages including BGA, uBGA, and SMT- Ultrafine pitch devices.

Finepitch offers the latest technical capabilities to meet your most demanding project requirements for circuit board assemblies. Whether we produce your product with BGA, Micro-BGA, Surface Mount or Through-Hole Technology, Finepitch works closely with you, the customer, to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.
Don't spend your valuable time going from one vendor to another.
When completing a new design you are faced with multiple challenges. Technical design issues, sourcing the parts and assembly the last thing you need to do in addition is to go to multiple sources to order your parts and even track down samples for hard to find parts. Fine Pitch offers True Turn-Key pcb assembly which frees you from the hassles of sourcing parts, and coordinating the assembly process allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Lead Free PCB Assembly
Finepitch Electronic Assembly provides special pcb assembly procedures to comply with lead free and RoHS pcb assembly standards.